We’re Your Go-To Source for Land For Sale In the Western U.S.

Land is an attractive investment with many compelling exit strategies, making it ideal for just about every investor to have at least some raw land, vacant land, or empty land in their real estate investment portfolio.

Instead of searching for land that might be for sale, and instead of making offers and hoping that someone wants to sell, there’s another option.

At PY Properties LLC, we’ve built a reputation so that land owners come to us looking to sell their land.

We are not brokers or agents – we buy and sell land ourselves, and can often connect buyers like you to land investment opportunities (even ones that have land owner financing available).

About PY Properties LLC

PY Properties LLC  was founded by me,  Patrick Young, in 2014. PY Properties LLC is a privately owned land investment firm with a strong reputation in the real estate investment community and land investment community for our ability to find great investment opportunities.

Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones that we’ve built our business on.

We specialize in helping people find vacant land and improving that land. This allows land buyers to buy land they normally could not  find or know how to use.